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    Why Cosmedica?

    The success of a hair transplant treatment can be measured by its outcome. The end result is the true indicator of the quality of the hair transplant surgery. The simplest way to recognize a good hair transplantation result is through before and after pictures.
    The result pictures should be continually clear, natural, dense-looking and %100 real. The secret behind the thousands of successful results of Cosmedica – Dr. Acar is the expertise and knowledge.

    You will be treated and supervised by Dr. Acar who has graduated from the highly renowned and most respected medical faculty of Turkey and Europe, Çapa Istanbul Medical Faculty with over 10 years worth of hair transplant experience specialized in FUE hair transplant in Turkey. The newest techniques of FUE and DHI Sapphire (Sapphire incisions + DHI Implanter Pen) are offered with All Inclusive hair transplant packages.


    Premium-quality FUE hair replacement in Turkey

    At Cosmedica, we specialize in various cosmetic treatments to enhance your beauty. Over 15,000 people from different countries have already had professional hair surgeries at our Turkey-based clinic, and we are proud of the incredible results we’ve managed to achieve together. If you’re considering this procedure for yourself, see what dramatic transformations you can expect. When it comes to hair transplantation, we rely on revolutionary methods that offer both natural-looking and Minimal scarring results. Over the last 10 years of our medical practice, it is FUE and FUT has been proven to be the best way to ward off baldness.
    Here is why: We provide you with our Aftercare Support. Your existing hair is not damaged during or after the FUE surgery. FUE ensures a long-lasting effect less time is needed for recovery and for new hair to grow. Make an appointment at Cosmedica to get your vigorous locks back using FUE hair implants in Istanbul. Your age and sex don’t matter as our experienced doctors are qualified to be of service to everyone.


    Stages of DHI – Sapphire HT

    Hair follicles are extracted one by one with high technology micro punches. Different types of punches are used for different hair types such as European, Asian and Afro-American.
    2-Sapphire Incision
    With the Sapphire blade, the opening of the channel will be done smoother in natural angles and there will be less bleeding. In this way, the risk of tissue damage and trauma is minimized and the healing process will be faster.
    3-DHI (Implanter System)
    With this method, the graft is implanted in a protected way by a advanced implanter system.


    Online Consultation

    Cosmedica Clinic provides you with Dr. Acar’s assessment based on your pictures sent to our team. Our team which consists of hair transplant experts will provide your with Dr. Acar’s free assessment and will inform you about the right treatment and the best technique based on your condition to get a hair transplant in Turkey for an affordable price.
    To get a free assessment and online hair transplant consultation please click here.


    Beard and Mustache Transplant

    – Who can get planted beard and mustache?
    People with a gap between , beards and whiskers may prefer this operation. The beard and mustache are made only with hair roots taken from the person himself.
    – How to make beard and mustache planting?
    Just like hair transplantation, roots are collected from the back of the head, from the donor area, and transferred to the desired region. Estimated results are observed within 6 – 12 months, and these roots adapt to the structure of the transplanted area and a natural appearance occurs.


    Meet With Pepper

    Pepper is a humanoid robot with Artificial Intelligence designed for people. Friendly and engaging, Pepper creates unique experiences and forms real relationships with our hair transplant patients.
    Pepper can answer your questions, providing the latest hair transplant info.
    He is trained for aftercare questions and is awaiting your visit to Cosmedica Clinic.


    Great passion
    for Hair Transplant

    Dr. Levent Acar, MD, is a graduate of Istanbul University Medical Faculty. He is an associate member of Realself and ISHRS and is specialized in hair transplant and medical aesthetics. As a worldwide known hair transplant surgeon, Acar has participated in various hair transplant programs and congresses globally and offers high-quality Hair Transplant in Turkey.


    Founder & CEO

    Doctor’s Resume

    Read more about Dr. Levent Acar’s medical career and background.

    Certificates & Seminars

    See Dr. Levent Acar’s certifications and organized seminars.

    Ultra-modern and precise implantation

    Implanter DHI Pen

    The Implanter DHI Pen shares the advantages of frictionless and 360° protected graft implantation. Without rubbing and breaking sensitive hair follicles, it enables a pinpoint penetration of the graft directly into the scalp.

    Minimal incision, faster recovery

    Sapphire Blade

    The ultra-sharp Sapphire Blade offers smooth incisions with less tissue trauma which eventually form healthy micro-channels for the implants. The high-endurance and anti-bacterial gemstone contributes to denser and better hair transplant practices.

    Ultra-modern and precise implantation

    The advantageous combination: DHI Sapphire Technology
    (Sapphire incisions + DHI Implanter Pen)

    Ultra-efficient method
    The Sapphire Blade creates minimal incisions (less damaging, faster recovery, smaller wound area) and allows denser hair transplantation.
    The Implanter DHI Pen ensures safe placement of the grafts with 360° protection and avoids graft-breaks during hair transplantation. When these instruments are combined, the advantages are multiplied and the disadvantages of each are eliminated.

    How does it differ from the traditional FUE and DHI methods?
    With the traditional DHI technique, incisions are made with the Implanter Pen and thus the incisions (wounds) are greater. The new hair transplant method makes use of the stretching function of the skin. With the new DHI Sapphire method, the Implanter Pen enters the incision made by the Sapphire Blade. The Sapphire hair transplant incision is minimal and stretches when the Implanter DHI Pen enters it. The skin lossens back once the Implanter Pen exits, and thus the wound is not widened.

    The benefits of the new technique have been observed in our clinic, and thousands of successful results are achieved. We have prioritized this method over other techniques by the preference of our doctor and patients.

    We have made this animation to help you visualize the explanation above about this new method:

    When it comes to hair transplantation, we rely on revolutionary methods that offer both natural-looking and Minimal scarring results. Over the last 10 years of our medical practice, it is FUE and FUT has been proven to be the best way to ward off baldness. Here is why:

    – Aftercare Support
    – Your existing hair is not damaged during or after the FUE surgery
    – FUE ensures a long-lasting effect
    – Less time is needed for recovery and for new hair to grow



    High-Quality Affordable Hair Transplant in Turkey

    Pay attention to this detail

    Confident Results

    Behind the successful results and our high success ratio lies the 12 months of support and follow-up of our aftercare team.

    Your health is our priority

    Our Measures Against

    We use the newest technology and systems in our hospital. Our clinic is installed with the latest filtration and virus elimination systems.

    IQ Air Hyper HEPA Filter

    The filter system is able to absorb 100 times smaller particles than even the smallest virus known. All public areas and operation rooms of our clinic are equipped with the latest filtration and isolation systems to provide safe and highly-secure service.

    Covid-19 Rapid Test Kit

    We use Covid-19 Rapid Test Kits at our clinic. With this kit, we can detect coronavirus infections as fast as 10 minutes. We are providing COVID-19 testing reports for our patients who would need them for the official authorities of their countries.

    Winix Zero Pro Air Cleaning

    The Hyper Air Cleaning technology filters all dust, pollen, allergens and viruses in the air. The system is certified by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF) as an allergy-friendly air cleaning system.


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    Your arrival

    After having received your flight details, transfer and hotel reservations are arranged by us. Sit back, and let Istanbul welcome you in its 5-star accommodation.

    Premium Quality Hair Transplant

    Successful, results with celebrities

    Thousands of smiles reach us back, from all over the globe, in return for the result-driven and patient-centric treatments. Seeing the contribution of our services to all our patients keeps our passion for high-quality hair transplant alive.

    The destination for celebrities

    Cosmedica Clinic has become the destination for many celebrities with a world-wide reputation such as artists, bodybuilders, Hollywood TV-celebrities and top models. Dr. Acar is the hairtransplantation doctor of many famous hair loss patients for whom hair is of great importance for their professional career.

    Over 15.000 success stories

    Over 15,000 people from different countries have already had professional hair surgeries at the Turkey-based clinic, and we are proud of the incredible results we’ve managed to achieve together. If you’re considering this procedure for yourself, see what dramatic transformations you can expect.

    A good word means a lot

    Patient testimonials

    It’s always the word of mouth that’s the best advice.
    Here are some of our…

    hair-transplant-in-turkey-stars-reviews 553 Patient reviews
    hair-transplant-in-turkey-stars-reviews 84 Patient reviews
    hair-transplant-in-turkey-stars-reviews 848 Patient reviews

    Absolutely Fantastic

    “My result is absolutely fantastic. I’ve actually haven’t got a hairline in about five years. It’s absolutely unbelievable. It exceeded my expectations. In the first few stages, you’re not sure how it’s going to turn out in six months’ time. But after these six months, I’ve started to see the result. I can’t thank you enough. I’m very happy.“

    Thomas Powell, UK

    Definitely Recommended

    Very professional in a large hospital. My transplant went very well with no real pain. I was picked up at airport. Great hotel, great doctor and a perfect team. I would definitely recommend Cosmedica and Dr. Acar to anyone who is thinking about having a hair transplant.

    Mike S., London

    I Was Losing Confidence…

    “When I went swimming I was scared to put my head under the water because I had lost all confidence and I didn’t want people to see it. I had to do something about it. Now I have a Drake-hairline. How couldn’t I be happy with this“

    Liam McAleese, UK


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    Read our latest blogs about hair transplantation and hair loss in general. Feel free to ask questions about the blogs by contacting us.

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      Premium-quality FUE hair replacement in Turkey

      Natural beauty starts with lustrous hair. And Cosmedica gives you a convenient and affordable way to take care of it. When you make up your mind to turn to us, rest assured that ultimate comfort will be ensured throughout your whole stay in Turkey. With our all-inclusive package for hair implants in Istanbul, you will not only get rid of your problem but also have everything arranged beforehand.


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