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quality of hair transplant instruments

Various tools are needed to perform a hair transplant. The use of instruments can vary per clinic. We will explain in this article what is needed to properly perform this treatment and why the quality of these instruments are important.

A hair transplant is always done under local anesthesia. The anesthetic ensures that you do not have pain during the extraction and transplantation of the grafts. At Cosmedica Clinic, you can choose for the Needle-free Anesthesia which is %70 less painful than a traditional hair transplant.

To remove the grafts, also called hair follicles, a drill or needle is needed. These instruments generally have a diameter of 0.6 mm to 1 mm. The size of the instrument varies per clinic. It also differs per type of hair transplant. Therefore, the instrument should be chosen for each patient individually for a personalized treatment.

Treatment chair
For a hair transplant, it is necessary that there is a good and comfortable treatment chair. A hair transplant lasts on average about 4 to 8 hours. You also need to be able to lie comfortably on both your back and stomach.

Petri dish
When the grafts have been removed, the grafts will be placed in a petri dish. This petri dish contains a special substance, through which the hairs survive outside the head and can be put back later. Thanks to the petri dish, it is easier for the medical team and the hair transplant doctor to store and use the grafts when they have to be placed.

Sapphire Blade
FUE method hair transplantation helps. It has been developed to open smaller microchannels in areas where the hair follicles are removed from the donor area.

Opening a channel is a phase that has a direct influence on the latest results of hair transplants. In this stage, we use sapphire inserts that are ultra-sharp and fine cut, the tip of which is made of sapphire.

The Sapphire Blade ensures minimal trauma and less bleeding which helps faster recovery as well as the operation itself.

DHI Implanter Pen
The DHI implanter is a pen-like instrument with a hollow needle. The operation team will put the grafts into the hollow needle one by one. The surgeon uses the pen and shoots the grafts into the scalp for implantation.

You can contact Cosmedica Clinic for more information about the procedure and the instruments.


what to expect after the first week after a hair transplant

On this blog post, you will find detailed information about the first week after your hair transplant surgery. Among the questions asked to our clinic is about what to expect in the first week. So let’s take a closer look!

Please note that the recovery period after hair transplantation is an average of a year. This is a long-lasting process, but the results are pleasant. Let us simply explain what you will experience in the first week.

Day 1

On the first day of hair transplantation, you will be discharged from the donor area (usually the neck) covered with a bandage.

The most important issue to pay attention to the first day is: sleep position.

If possible, the patient should meet the sleeping and resting needs in a position to be maintained in the seat, especially in the transplanted area is preserved and in the position prepared for bleeding in the donor area.

Day 2

On the 2nd day of hair transplantation operation, there may be pain in the area and in the donor area. This is quite normal and very common.

While bleeding can be seen in the donor area, blood will be completely dried in the area where it is transplanted. The donor area is still bandaged.

Day 3

Today is the day of washing your hair. You should note that the first wash after hair transplantation will be carried out by a specialist under the supervision of your doctor.

The washing style to be made until the shells in the area of ​​hair transplantation are poured should be continued as it was done by the expert on the first day. Check out this video to learn more about the first wash process.

When you go to the clinic on day 3 after your hair transplantation surgery, bandage is removed from the donor area at first.

Then, a special solution will be applied to the donor area to soften the dried blood and then the washing process will begin.

On day 3, you must protect your head from the sun rays before and after the clinic visit.

The sleeping position should be the same today as the first 2 days.

Day 7

The first 3 days after hair transplant are days that require extra sensitivity. After the touch with water with the first wash, the patient becomes more relaxed.

The head area should be washed regularly and carefully every day until it is freed from the shells in the hair transplantation area. You should also protect your head from direct sunlight.

The first week is the process of healthy hair follicles.

Therefore, the transplanted area should avoid movements such as impacts, hard movements, scrubbing, scratching or scratching.

Your specialist may recommend antibiotic therapy in the first week. This is planned as a 5 to 3 days regarding the patient himself.

In the first week the rapid recovery in the donor area may surprise you. At the end of the first week, hair loss is observed in the area where hair transplantation is performed and this is also completely normal.

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Advantage of DHI hair transplant method

As Cosmedica Clinic, we also offer DHI hair transplantation services to our patients. Let’s take a closer look at this method.

DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) hair transplantation technique is a further development of FUE hair transplantation technique in terms of transplanting hair follicles.

Hair follicles, as in the same classic FUE technique (rarely from the beard or the chest) are taken to the areas where the hair is loss with the help of micro-motors

The difference of DHI hair transplantation technique from other techniques starts from this point.

The special technique used in the DHI hair transplantation uses the help of latest technologies. The first goal in this technique is to perform a lifelong guaranteed hair transplantation without using a scalpel or suture and opening a hole in the scalp. Yes that’s true! This latest revolutionary technique eliminates the use of scalpels!

With this procedure completed in a single session, it is possible to have a more natural looking and hair with volume.

The main difference in the application of the technique is the use of improved implanter pen .

Grafts taken with a surgical pen ranging between 0.6 mm and 1 mm are transported to the other area without any other operation in the scalp.

This technique, which requires more attention, precision and effort than other methods, offers many advantages to our hair transplant patients.

Thanks to the implanter pen, hair transplants are made faster than ever. Because no stitches and scalpels are used, so there is no visible scar after the healing process is complete.

Another advantage is better control over the graft placement (angles and depth of the planted grafts) and better graft survival rates by graft placement.

In direct hair implant technique, local anesthesia is applied to eliminate the sensation of pain. Our patients can return daily after the surgery without any breaks.

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Needle-Free Hair Transplantation in Turkey Cosmedica

With this blog post, we are going to tell you about the needle free anesthesia in hair transplantation.

In traditional hair transplant techniques, the local anesthesia with injection into the scalp can sometimes be unsettling for those pations with fear of needlesAs Cosmedica Clinic, we offer the option of needle-free anesthesia as an option for our patients.

In the follicular unit extraction (FUE) method, needle-free anesthesia techniques can be used. With this technique, local anesthesia is applied with a special tool without needle at the tip and also the hair transplantation surgery is performed using a special instrument also known as the implanter pen or, preferably with some laser techniques. So, the patients who want their hair back but with the fear of needles can easily have their hair transplants.

Benefits of The Needle Free Hair Transplantation Technique

The fear of needles is a kind of phobia that is so much effective enough to cause some people even to faint. This is a situation we have seen so often. It even discomfort the patients in the whole process of the hair transplant operation.

The needle-free anesthesia we use at our clinique, is either provide relief to the patients in psychological way and it is also beneficial from a technical point of view as experts say. These include ensuring that the risk of infection and pain of the patient is minimized.

The patient feel very comfortably to watch movies, read books or listen to music during ourneedle-free hair transplant surgery.

The risk of infection in needle-free hair transplant is so much lower because there is neither hole nor incision in the scalp.

The areas which hair transplantation has been done must be carefully protected from the direct sunlight and high temperatures.

As Cosmedica Clinic, we offer needle-free anesthesie as an alternative choice for our patients.

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Calum Best In Istanbul Hair Transplantation cosmedica

The famous model and television star Calum Best preffered Istanbul and Cosmedica Clinic for his hair transplantation surgery.

Born in 1981, the famous star -is also the son of legendary football player George Best- lives in London.

Best told about the time he had in Istanbul his 3 day visit after Dr. Acar and his professional team have perfectly operated his hair transplant with using FUE technique.

“It’s been great. Dr. Acar is brilliant and the whole staff is hospitable, welcoming and comfortable. First of all, I look around this hospital top of the line and so well equipped with the latest technologies. There is like 25 patients here in a day. So you know something is going on right now, right here. It’s been safe, comfortable and successful trip for me. Dr. Acar and his staff are incredible. They’ve done a great job. I am happy here. Thanks to Istanbul and everyone.”

In this 3 day visit, Calum Best also visited Istanbul’s historical sites, art centers and culturel places. He had historical information on Istanbul.

At the same time, he also enjoyed a marvelous boat tour on the precious Bosphorus.

Turkey is now one of the best choices in health tourism and the world celebs choose Turkey for their aesthetic operations. Those celebs who choose Cosmedica Clinique for their needs are quite happy with their experiences.


crown are in hair transplant

Natural view is important in hair transplant. The determination and execution of the correct angle procedure in hair brings that. Forehead line is considered to be the most important area when it comes to natural appearance in hair transplantation. However, the vertex area, which is also known as the vertex, is considered the most difficult area in the natural appearance.

Vertex is a Latin origin term which refers to “the top.” In medicine, it means the top of the scalp. This area has a great importance in hair transplantation. The angle of each of the hair follicle in this area has its own dynamics. The direction of hair growth may also vary from one to another. Therefore, in order to achieve the naturalness of hair growth in this area should be given to each hair root with using special methods.

In hair transplantation process, firstly the person’s hair shape is determined carefully. All possibşe hair roots are calculated by following the outlet angle of the hair in this area. The healthy hair roots in the donor area are transplanted to the vertex.

The FUE technique is applied in such regional hair transplantations for the convenience it provides. As with correctly applied FUE technique, the vertex region is also can recover in a very short time period. The patient can easily return his/her routine daily life.

After vertex hair transplantation, this area should be protected with utmost care from external factors. At the end of 3 months, the planted hair starts to grow healthy. After approximately 1 year, a completely natural appearance is obtained.

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Premium-quality FUE hair replacement in Turkey

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