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Liam McAleese

When I went swimming I was scared to put my head under the water because I had lost all confidence and I didn’t want people to see it. I had to do something about it. Now I have a Drake-hairline. How couldn’t I be happy with this

Mike Smith

Very professional in a large hospital. My transplant went very well with no real pain. I was picked up at airport. Great hotel, great doctor and a perfect team. I would definitely recommend Cosmedica and Dr. Acar to anyone who is thinking about having a hair transplant.

Thomas Powell

My result is absolutely fantastic. I’ve actually haven’t got a hairline in about five years. It’s absolutely unbelievable. It exceeded my expectations. In the first few stages, you’re not sure how it’s going to turn out in six months’ time. But after these six months, I’ve started to see the result. I can’t thank you enough. I’m very happy.

Clara A.

Bit by bit I was losing hair, but at some point, it came to a degree that I couldn’t tie my hair anymore. It was very hard to lose hair and all my self-confidence as a woman. Thanks to Dr. Acar my hair is now back to normal. I’ve recommended Cosmedica to many female friends with similar mild hair loss. I would like to thank every member staff of Cosmedica Clinic. All I can say is they are the crème de la crème.

Calum Best

It’s been great. Doctor Acar is brilliant, very hospital, very welcoming and very proffessional. The whole staff is proffessional. I look around the hospital; and it is top of the line and clean. You know something is going on right here. I knew it was safe and trustworthy. Cosmedica has done a great job. It was three days in total, in and out, safe, healthy and happy. I am happy being here. Thank you very much everybody.

Alfred J. T.

I am 24 and my hair loss started many years ago during my teenager years. Like everybody who goes through this I delved into the internet about hair transplantation. Reading reviews, checking results and a bit self-teaching about hair transplants. I found that Dr. Acar is one of the best hair transplant doctors in Turkey. I took the flight to Istanbul to see the doctor. He made me comfortable and explained honestly what to expect and what not to ofcourse. And as he told, I got the result I was expecting! I recommended him to many people I know who suffer from hair loss, and would recommend it to absolutely everyone.

Udo J.

“I went to Turkey in February 2019 for hair transplant surgery. I am very satisfied with the aftercare support. Strongly recomended

Dennis S.

You know what it means when you can finally style your hair again. The clinic did a wonderful job. You won’t regret it once you start to see the hair transplant results.

Peter H.

I was informed very detailedly about the treatment in a friendly manner. You can see how important your hair is in their eye. Amazing experience… It’s the best clinic out there. For anyone who is considering hair transplantation in Turkey, %100 recommended.

Younes P.

Since 2 years, at work, at dinner tables, everybody is asking me how I’m getting younger day by day. Just some of them know I had a hair transplant. My hairline is thicker, and the crown is fuller thanks to Cosmedica. It was very important for me that it looks natural, and not “hair transplant-ish”. Thank you Dr. Acar!

Premium-quality FUE hair replacement in Turkey

Natural beauty starts with lustrous hair. And Cosmedica gives you a convenient and affordable way to take care of it. When you make up your mind to turn to us, rest assured that ultimate comfort will be ensured throughout your whole stay in Turkey. With our all-inclusive package for hair implants in Istanbul, you will not only get rid of your problem but also have everything arranged beforehand.


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